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Who We Are

Madwire started as a 2-man team in 2009 and has grown to over 300 co-workers all across the United States and headquarters in Fort Collins, CO. We’re motivated, hard-working and tough. We’re also compassionate and fun-loving. Our work supports strong communities, close families, and of course, successful businesses. We love Mad™

Our Values

We are who we say we are and we live every day true to our mission of Making A Difference.

Mission Driven Passion behind our mission of “helping small businesses grow and their local communities glow” and the positive impact it has on the world. This creates a customer centric culture and aligns our every move to our “why”. It reminds us there's great meaning behind our work. It reminds us to make sure we celebrate & share our success stories along the journey.

Attitude & Effort The two things that you can 100% control and have nothing to do with talent are your attitude and your effort. Every morning when you wake up you and every moment throughout the day you can choose a good attitude or a bad attitude. Low effort and focus or high effort and focus. When it comes to effort, it’s not about working harder and longer, it’s about working smarter and more focused. If you work smart and focused you can often get the same work done in half the time. Disciplined focus and time management are key to success.

Delightful & Diverse Create delightful experiences for teammates and clients. Professional. Friendly. Fun. Upbeat and cheery. Positive and valuable part of our culture. Respect, empathy and love (sacrifice) for others. Put the team first. Person of high trust, integrity and character. Believe two heads are stronger than one. Diversity of culture, people, perspectives, backgrounds, products, verticals and more, only make us stronger.

Winner’s Mindset Positive mindset. Competitive. Learn and grow from failures. Growth mindset. Never give up. Never cut corners. Cheer on the others. Day by day, get better and better, until you can’t be beat, won’t be beat.

Innovative & Creative Creative mindset. Think outside the box. Embrace and adopt new strategies, technologies, etc. Constant focus on personal and professional development and growth. Process improvement. Quality improvement. Technology improvement and innovation. Efficiency improvement. Share knowledge with others.

Resilient & Relentless Champion of change. Overcome adversity. Tough to beat. Impossible to kill. Bounce back from bad days, weeks, months strong. Don’t lose drive and passion to succeed despite setbacks along the way. Always willing and able to pivot in order to keep moving forward.

Execution Excellence Execution excellence is our standard and our standard is non-negotiable. This is the catch-all. It reinforces all our values, but also encompasses everything between the gaps. Always do what’s right, never do what’s wrong. Even if the right way is harder. Step outside your job description. Standard of excellence in all areas. Go the extra mile. Never repeat the same mistake twice. Accountable. Put “we” before “me”.

Benefits / Perks

  • Work from any approved state

  • Competitive salary
  • Unlimited vacation policy + 10 paid holidays
  • Great healthcare + dental + vision coverage
  • Matching HSA contributions
  • Matching 401k (50% of up to 6% of employee contributions)
  • Profit sharing/performance bonus
  • 2 annual company parties
  • On-site gym in Fort Collins, CO
  • Monthly & quarterly professional development opportunities

Career Panels

Learn more about Madwire and gain insights into potential careers by joining our upcoming career panels. Held quarterly, these events offer a behind-the-scenes tour of our facility and an engaging Q&A session with our team members. Don't miss out on this chance to discover the possibilities. Secure your spot at our next event by completing the form below.


Work for a Culture-First Company

We are a Riderflex approved, Culture-First Company and have passed Riderflex’s 4-Point checklist.

  1. Character First Values
  2. Clear Vision and Mission
  3. Customer-Centric Approach
  4. Empowered Employees

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